Wednesday, January 7, 2009

December 11, Thursday night -- Reading Robert Stockwell, Donald Bowen, and John W. Martin

He was born and raised on this island, then gone a half century and has come back. If he were to write his own book, it'd be about how Hawaii was taken away from the Hawaiians. A book that got him thinking about this was Kahana: How the Land Was Lost, by Robert Stauffer. He wrote this book by analyzing land records and sorting facts in a data base. The book talks all about how land is divided, like into ahupua'a, which are the wedges of mountains that run into the sea.

A favorite book -- Mutant Message Down Under, by Marlo Morgan, about a woman who goes to the Australian outback and is abducted by an Aboriginal Tribe.

Other good books he's read recently -- Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen R. Covey and books by Catherine Ponder, an inspirational author.

When he was a child he liked reading encyclopedias and Mark Twain.

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