Saturday, February 7, 2009

December 11, Thursday evening -- Reading Alexandra Rockey Fleming and Richard Jerome

At a beauty salon in Ala Moana shopping center,
Usually I just photograph books, because what wows me is that people, with all the media that surrounds us, might care enough about what an author has to say, to invest themselves in a two-hundred, three-hundred page book. But, reading magazines is still a good thing and, from a distance it looks like the same thing. And,when you stare long enough, the reader looks up and wonders why you're staring and so arrouses suspcion and I felt to compelled to talk.

Reading an article in People magazine entitled An African Boy's Healing Year, by Alexandra Rockey Fleming and Richard Jerome, about the intersection of the lives of an American woman and a Zimbabwean teenager's. The story, he said, is touching. It's about people helping people.

If he were to write a book, it'd be inspirational, full of stories of brawny courage, people dealing with problems like this woman in the article he's reading. It cheers him up to hear stories about people doing things beyond themselves.

When he reads books, though, they're technical, about plumbing or carpentry.

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